Saturday, 25 May 2013

Driving Songs

Some of the songs here are about driving, some aren't, but all of them are ones that I have fun driving to. Some of these songs make me want to put my foot down, roll down every window and scream the words until I can't speak anymore. Because of the type of list this is I really couldn't narrow it down past my 30 most favorite driving songs, so this is my top 30 driving songs.

Number 30
Out For Blood by Icarus Witch
I don't know why this is fun to drive to, maybe because the riffs are great and screaming "out! for! blood!" with the windows down and the stereo cranked is really fun, especially when driving around busy roads and areas.

Number 29
Lucky Man by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
The video quality isn't the best, but it sums up the reason this song made the list... the synth solo.

Number 28
Fire Woman by The Cult
This song is great to listen to in general and makes me want to drive real fast or at least for hours on end with this song on repeat.

Number 27
Superheros by Edguy
There's just an energy to this song that is great for driving the open roads.

Number 26
Bad Guys Wear Black
Every now and again a nice simple heavy metal song is needed, I really love cranking this if I'm driving down town late at night... the people going to nightclubs on the other hand may not fully appreciate the song when I do so.

Number 25
Escape by Metallica
Read the lyrics and you'll know why this made the list.

Number 24
Public Enemy Number 1 by Megadeth
What can I say, songs about being a wanted criminal are great to drive to.

Number 23
Stand Up and Shout
It's energetic, it's going a million miles an hour outta the gates and it's Dio... need I say more

Number 22
Keep Your Hands to Yourself by the Georgia Satellites
This song is just to fun not to be included. Plus I love listening to southern rock and blues based stuff when I'm driving.

Number 21
Shake The House Down by Molly Hatchet
Like I said, southern rock is fun to drive to.

Number 20
Black Betty by ZZ Top
It has a great beat and some great riffs.

Number 19

King of The Highway by Astral Doors
If I could get it up here like the other it'd be easier to listen to, but it's just an amazing song to drive to. Great song about hitting the open road with a bike.

Number 18
Highway Star by Deep Purple
Just simply awesome.

Number 17
Flirtin With Disaster by Molly Hatchet
Is it at all surprising Molly Hatchet made the list twice. They wrote some amazing songs and I would recommend them as a great band to listen to while driving.

Number 16
Sweet Devil's Kiss by Devil Train
Solid riffs, great rhythm section and just a great song all around. They also covered American Woman and the video is similar to this one in one obvious way (and I'm certainly not complaining, the band writes great songs and the videos are fun to watch).

Number 15
Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top
Like Molly Hatchet, I suggest ZZ Top as a band to listen to while driving. The music seems like it's perfect for driving a sports car with the roof down.

Number 14
Coming Through by Killer Dwarfs
It's got great riffs, great lyrics and singing, and attitude. Plus if you happen to already yell this at traffic, playing this song makes it seem like you don't have road rage... you're singing along to a great Oshawa rock band's song.

Number 13
Swords & Tequila by Riot
NWOBHM is also a great genre to crank on the car stereo. Fast paced, great riffs, great singing and just a great song.

Number 12
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight by Spinal Tap
It's Spinal Tap, either you agree or you think I'm nuts for cranking this on the roads.

Number 11
Running Free by Iron Maiden
I know Tap should always be at 11, but this song is soo much fun to drive to, so it just had to take this spot.

Number 10
Breaking The Law by Judas Priest
I don't know why but songs about breaking the law are great to drive to, and this is one is king of all law breaking songs.

Number 9
Four-Wheel Drive by Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Songs about cars and driving were pretty much a guarantee here, and this great Canadian band wrote some great ones.

Number 8
Slow Ride by Foghat
It's the guitars and the drums.

Number 7
Layla by Derek & The Dominos
Great guitar riffs (it's Clapton so that was a given), great energy and a classic among classics.

Number 6
Heading Out On The Highway
Judas Priest wrote some of the catchiest metal tunes and this one is an obvious choice for this list.

Number 5
Detroit Rock City by Kiss
I can't not drive to this, it's just a fun song that has some great riffs (the bass has some really cool parts in this one).

Number 4
More Than A Feeling by Boston
Anyone who saw that commercial with the convertible driving off into the horizon, top down, with this song playing over it knows exactly why it's here (and this high up the list).

Number 3
Scuttle Buttin by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Sometimes a fast blues tune without any lyrics can make you forget your speedometer exists, I know it has for me (thankfully I came back to reality just in time to slow down).

Number 2
Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf
There couldn't be a list without this song, simple as that.

Number 1
Radar Love by Golden Earing
I've found myself singing along to this song from the bass line to the guitar line to the vocals (of course). To be honest, I've sounded something like Homer Simpson singing it, except with the correct lyrics. This song is just to fun to sing to and drive to not to be number 1 on this driving songs list.

There you have it and feel free to put down your favorite driving songs in the comments section. By the way, as an added bonus I'll put the video for the top one not to make this list right below...

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