Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Funniest (But Awesome) Bands

In music there are always a few bands that are as far from serious as possible and I will be listing the funniest (but awesome) bands that I absolutely love to listen to again and again. In this post I will list them based on a few things: lyrics, music, whether or not they were in any television programs or movies, influence (on bands, culture and anything really) and of course my personal preference will be a factor.

Number 5 are going balls out bringing back glam and getting their street-level ads removed due to inappropriate imagery, other wise noted as the album's cover art. The only reasons that they aren't higher on this list is simply that the lyrics aren't quite as good (still great though) as some of the other bands on this list and they have been releasing (and playing) as a band for less time than the other bands on this list. They are... Steel Panther

Number 4 have embraced the cliches of metal by chasing the dragon, getting evilized, giving everything to be in the book of heavy metal and have even written a song about a particularly aggressive lady of pleasure. They play some very heavy metal and have written many songs that make me bang my head and make me laugh while singing along. A band that titles the ballad of an album "the ballad" really doesn't need an introduction but they're getting one anyways, they are... Dream Evil.

Number 3 hail from British Columbia and were in league with Satan while you were shouting at the devil. This band has beaten out some great bands because they not only write some music that is funny as ****, the music is also intense, brutal and just great all-around... not to mention the fact that Nathan Explosion made a guest appearance on the vowel song (it was just too great of a guest spot not to be added in this post). They are... Zimmers Hole

Number 2 not only is the world's 7th largest economy and the stars of an insanely funny television program, they also released three albums, all of which have been the highest charting death metal albums on the billboard 200 until the next release came out. This is one of the most obvious bands to put on this list, especially after hinting at it in the bit about number 3. They may be amazing, hilarious and just plain awesome but I just couldn't put them any higher (I'll mention why with number 1's introduction) on this list, here they are... Dethklok

Despite the fact that all of the previous bands are just amazing, none of them could possibly top the funniest (but awesome) bands list of mine. Number 1 have gone through more drummers than I care to count, are England's loudest band, produced a black album well before Metallica, the band leaders are fire & ice with the bassist as lukewarm water, have a guitarist obsessed with Stonehenge who thinks taking off his sweater will stop global warming and may still be completing that musical trilogy in D minor. In the end could it really be anyone but the one the only... Spinal Tap

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