Wednesday, 19 March 2014

An Update

It's been a very long time since I've posted on here, mostly because I just forgot to post anything and I've been getting caught up recently with my other blog (, and I've been trying to find a job (to no avail). Over all that time I got to thinking that, maybe, I shouldn't just be talking about CDs and songs and all that, I should start to rant a little more on things that I care about, still in the realm of music. This is why I'm calling this post an update, because it's an update on what I plan to do with this blog from now on. 

I doubt many people will ever read anything on this blog, since the web address isn't exactly unique enough, and I really haven't found my unique voice at all. If you look at my other posts, they may have my opinions, but they really just look like the same things you could read anywhere else in the world. I mean, top __ lists, basic album reviews, and the fact that I really have only given one negative review (I feel very justified in giving out that review to). Other than just listening to CDs and songs, I go to concerts, watch live DVDs (and concerts via YouTube), watch music videos (via YouTube), play guitar, play bass, write music, attempt to record music (attempt to sing on occasion) and I live in the world of digital downloads but I don't really like it... I spent three years of my life learning advertising and marketing (plus a semester or two in high school) and, when I look at the music industry, I see countless labels and even more bands who aren't keeping up with the times, and who simply just don't put in any effort to make selling music an experience. Sure, we don't get the gate fold sleeves (ELPs Brain Salad Surgery comes to mind immediately) anymore because cds/cd cases are really too small to use them, and we live in an age where music has become intangible ('you can't touch an mp3' is the standard line) and people don't want to support artists, they just want to get free stuff and then expect that artists will make the money to keep doing what they do, which really kills the music industry because all the hard-working/amazing bands get screwed, and the cheap/generic garbage of the modern era keeps going on and on and on.

Well, I'd better save that passion for later posts, because I really think that I just need to scream at the industry a little, and the world a lot. I guess this little update turned into a rant, but it still counts as an update to me, because I've just said all the things I'd like to rant about on here, and maybe YouTube (but I'll hold off on that one for now). One thing I really want to do is to talk about bands that reviewers always gloss over because they aren't big enough, within whatever genre they're in. So, if anyone out there is in a band (or is a solo artist) and wants me to take a listen and then talk about the music and what they are doing, then go ahead and ask me. Who cares who's listening, everyone could ignore me until the end of time, but I think that the music industry needs to change, good music needs to get out there, and I'm willing to scream, even if no one's listening.

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