Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Unisonic Album Review

My first review was a very favorable one towards The Unisonic mini album Ignition, and like so many other fans of  the Keeper of The Seven Keys - era Helloween fans, I could not hold back the excitement before listening to Ignition.
The full length debut of Unisonic delivers just what Ignition promised. A solid hard-rock record that is a great listen from start to finish.
The first two tracks are from Ignition, Unisonic & Souls Alive. Unisonic sounds no different than the version on Ignition and Souls Alive sounds amazing, and clearly better quality than the demo (that is not to say the demo of it did not sound great).
Never Too Late is relatively simple and a solid listen, but it is slightly weaker than the other songs. It is quite strong, and the bass adds most of the melody when the guitars don't.
I've Tried and Star Rider are early standouts on the album, as they could easily appeal to someone who wants to listen to something catchy or someone who loves to crank the stereo and feel each and every note move the floors.
Never Change Me continues on as a melodic anthem for those who deal with people trying to change them.
Renegade is by far the heaviest song on this album followed by King For A Day, which sounds like a mix of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin with Queen-esque vocals.
We Rise, like I've Tried and Star Rider, sounds like it could appeal to a mass audience.
The album closes with the ballad No One Ever Sees Me, which is a great ballad that is very atmospheric.
There are two bonus tracks, the European track is Over The Rainbow which is a decent track, and the Japanese bonus track The Morning After, which remains a personal favorite for me.
Most bands spend their entire lives trying to write one song that is catchy, memorable, but can last longer than a week or two in the average listener's mind. Unisonic have found a way to write that type of song 13 times over (including both bonus tracks), which makes this album something for everyone to check out and enjoy. Even if it's just one or two tracks that appeal to you, it is completely worth listening to. 9/10

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