Sunday, 21 April 2013

A (Somewhat) New Start

I have not posted anything on here in some time, mostly due to other things getting in the way and the standard excuses. Just today, while rockin' out Radar Love (in a similar fashion to Homer Simpson, just not in a car), I thought about starting back up on this blog and possibly starting to post some video reviews on YouTube but in a slightly different way than what I was doing.
I am planning on doing a few different things such as looking at older releases in my collection, asking people what I should review, putting together a few top of the shop lists, maybe some bottom of the barrel lists, still looking at new releases, maybe some self-promotion of any of my bands / musical projects and whatever else I can really think of. Chances are I may try to spotlight some less-than-known artists every now and again since I do want to help promote the music I enjoy in more ways than just buying the music or going to the concerts, and most bands I love rarely play concerts where I am.
The general warning I will give now is that I am extremely passionate about certain things regarding music, which will undoubtedly result in my praising of albums some people genuinely hate and heavily criticizing albums that were or are critically and/or commercially successful... or I may actually agree with the masses on occasion, I guess there is only one way to find that out.

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