Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Arch/Matheos - Sympathetic Resonance

 This album marked a period in time that many early Fates Warning fans, much like myself, had dreamed of for a long time, a follow up to the 2002 E.P A Twist of Fate, and the first full length album to feature John Arch's soaring vocals since the 1986 release Awaken The Guardian. The lineup feature is Fates Warning's current lineup (less Ray Alder) which includes Bobby Jarzombek on drums and Frank Aresti on lead guitar.
The album starts off with Neurotically Wired, which starts off the album in a very dramatic way, but it does get a little overwhelming at times.
Midnight Serenade is the single from the album, excluding the five minute cut of Stained Glass Sky, and is certainly a very catchy/melodic song that still keeps a heavy edge to it.
Stained Glass Sky is the black sheep on the album, since it does not follow the same story line that the rest of the album does. Essentially, it is extremely heavy, proggy and is perhaps the most complete song on the album.
On The Fence is an odd song, since it sounds like an OSI song. This song is not as strong as as the previous three but it is still an enjoyable song none the less.
The same can be said for Any Given Day (Strangers Like Me), as it feels very repetitive. Though, considering that Arch had to write over the completed music, a daunting task by any means, it is much better than it would have been if someone else took the challenge.
Any Given Day is also an excellent song but is quite repetitive and, yet again, not as strong as the first half.
Incense & Myrrh end the album in a beautifully emotional way, simply put it is the perfect closer with the mix of acoustic guitar, piano transitioning to an intense solo to a just plain heavy bridge back to the acoustic guitar for the ending.
Because of some minor flaws and the fact that it is a Prog release, this album is only recommended to fans of the genre. But I would highly recommend that anyone and everyone take a listen to Midnight Serenade and Incense & Myrrh.  8.7/10

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